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In the work Today’s Special Offer I explore the relationship between  form and function of objects ,as well as the boundary between daily necessities and sculptures.I envisioned some special methods of using the food containers and then they will lead to a corresponding change  in form.

The materiality of the food is also exploited, for example by using the dough as clay to shape the bread, and the dried bread is hard enough to be used as a container.In this work the relationship between food and container becomes ambiguous but also concrete , food is not only food but also a container and a container is not only a serving vessel but also the shell of food.

Ei Kopie 2.png
Servitte Kopie.png
2 Kopie.png
Eier-1 Kopie.png
oomg 2.png
2 Kopie.png
bread bowl.png
chickenbowl Kopie.png
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